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    Specializing in EXOTIC saltwater fish and coral, Palmetto Reef can help you create your own amazing reef at home!

  • UPDATED 9/4/20


    • Flame Angel $99.99
    • Orange Peel $99.99
    • Copperband Butterfly $119.99
    • Blue Chromis $9.99
    • Oscellaris Clownfish $25.99
    • Phantom Clownfish pair $119.99
    • Bangai Cardinal $29.99
    • Pajama Cardinal $19.99
    • Mandarin Green/Blue Dragonet $44.99
    • Target Mandarin $29.99
    • Bella Sleeper Goby $89.99
    • True-Yellow Watchman Goby $45.99
    • Diamond Watchman Goby $36.99
    • Foxface $45.99
    • Cuban Hogfish $149.99
    • Niger Trigger $39.99
    • Yellow Tang $89.99
    • Gem Tang $1199
    • Blue Eyed Kole Tang $74.99
    • Naso Tang $ $74.99
    • Blue Hippo Tang $89,
    • Purple Tang $249.99
    • Leopard Wrasse male & female $89.99, $69.99
    • Slippery Dick Wrasse $49.99
    • Melanarus Wrasse $39.99
    • Mexican Wrasse $54.99
    • Puddingwife Wrasse $84.99
    • Red Coris Wrasse $99.99
    • Yellow Coris Wrasse $54.99
    • Six Line Wrasse $26.99


    • Cleaner Shrimp $39.99
    • Fire Shrimp $44.99
    • Sand-sifting Starfish $24.99
    • Chocolate Chip Starfish $19.99
    • Red Bristle Starfish $29.99
    • Harlequin Shrimp $59.99
    • Red Leg Hermit Crabs $1.50
    • Blue Leg Hermit Crabs $1.50
    • Emerald Crabs $9.99
    • Super Nassarius Snails $4.99, small $2.50
    • Turbo snail $4.99
    • Red Banded Torchus snails $4.99
    • Nerite Snails $1.50
    • Bumble Bee Snails $5.99
    • Red Tuxedo Pincushion Urchin—out but more coming $34.99
    • Blue Tuxedo Pincushion Urchin $34.99
    • Long Spine Black Urchin $44.99
    • Orange Purple Lobster $39.99


    • NY Nicks Torch $299.99pp
    • Blastos $15pp
    • Candy Canes $15pp
    • Zoas & Paly Plugs $10-$100
    • Clove Polyps $10-$100
    • Flower Pots $80-400
    • Framers $45pp
    • Masterpiece Chalice $150 an eye

    With businesses opening back up, we are adjusting our store hours permanently to the following:


    Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED

    Wednesday: 11am-6pm

    Thursday: 11am-6pm

    Friday: 11am-6pm

    Saturday: 11am-6pm

    Sunday: 11am-5pm


    We are taking walk-ins and/or appointments!

    To set up an appointment please go to: https://palmettoreefservice.setmore.com

    or call the store at (803)542-7447!




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  • Our Skills & Services

    Water analysis

    Bring your water in and we can accurately test your levels with our Red Sea Test Kits!


    Tank Installation

    Please call the store at 803-542-7447 for an estimate! Or email us a palmettoreef@gmail.com!

    Monthly Tank Services

    $125 an hour! Additional services are available as well. Please call the store at 803-542-7447 for inquiries, or set up your own appointment on: https://palmettoreefservice.setmore.com

    Tank Breakdowns & Relocation

    Please call the store at 803-542-7447 for an estimate! Or email us a palmettoreef@gmail.com!


    Palmetto Reef guarantees that all corals should arrive alive. In the event of DOA, Palmetto Reef must be contacted within 1 hour after receiving the package from the shipping company. Clear photos must be taken of the dead coral inside the closed bag. No credit will be given no picture is sent within 1 hour of receiving your corals. There are no refunds or returns on live purchases. We do not issue refunds back to the credit card or any credit towards shipping. Verified DOA Pictures will receive credit towards next purchase. Every tank's parameters vary, and unfortunately the life of the coral is out of our hands once it is inside your aquarium, and no credit or refunds can be given for losses.


    If corals are DOA due to shipping related issues that are not under the control of Palmetto Reef or the Purchaser, credit will be given towards future purchase. We ask that in the case of any delays or damages to the package, you are expected to take all steps possible to file a claim with the shipping company.


    If corals are being shipped to an airport or pick-up center, The Package must be picked up within 30 minutes from the time of being available for pick up, or it will not be covered under our DOA Policy. If you miss your initial package delivery pick up, you are not covered under the DOA Policy.
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